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We are developing an online ISO 15926 ontology editing tool. This work is performed under the project "Development of industrial Reference Data Library. A model of industrial data exchange" of an Inter-industrial work group, under authority of Russian National Oil and Gas Institute. This project has to become a basis for creation of a National Reference Data Library for oil and gas industry, build according to ISO 15926 requirements (RuJORD project). is a free software, available for public use. We encourage you to create your own account using the form on the main page (switch to English using the link in the right upper part of the page!), and look at our editor's features. Currently you can browse and search through ISO 15926 core types (Part 2), a library of Part 7 templates, JORD catalogue (maintained by POSC Caesar), and a prototype of RuJORD.

Also, for each registered user we are creating a sandbox, where you can try to model ontologies yourself. Ontology creation is not limited with ISO 15926 standard: you can use at the registration, whether you wish to use it or not. can provide a platform for your own corporate RDL. Contact us to learn more about it.

You may also request demo access to the product, and we will create account for you.