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Business Semantics Enterprise Service Bus

Our core product is the Business Semantics Server, accompanied by a number of client components for various software platforms. The server acts as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Its main features include reliable data transfer, access rights control, and data integrity control.

Business Semantics Server is interacting with client components, which we name "connectors". The server is a web-based application. Connectors may be either a standalone applications (including web-based apps), or code fragments, built into the code of another programs. The general connector scheme and algorithm are well-documented and public available. Web-based connector is an open source application.

All the data being transferred between interconnected systems are encoded in the semantic form. You may learn Basics of using Semantic Web technologies for integration

This approach has unique advantages comparing with "traditional" integration methods, such as XML files or SOA services:

  • Data transfer scheme does not depend of data structure. It simplifies interconnection of applications that are representing information about same objects using different structures, or using it in different context.
  • The exchange is not breaking in case if data structure of any application is changing.
  • New applications can be included in the exchange with ease. This almost does not affect performance of the exchange bus.
  • Server takes care of information object IDs synchronization. It is not necessary to store in some application local identifiers of any object, used in another systems.

You may find a more detailed explanation of our product's advantages comparing to other well-known integration methods.