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16 october 2013
Business Semantic's CEO, Sergey Gorshkov, has reported results of RuJORD project at the Neftegazstandard-2013 (Oil & Gas Standards) conference, held in Nizhny Novgorod at 14-16 of October.
10 october 2013

Our talk at the KESW-2013 conference, held in Saint Petersburg, was dedicated to commercial applications of semantics for integration and analytics.

24 september 2013

We've made presentation at ICAS-2013 congress in Moscow (Integration of Complex Automated Systems). Our topic was development of semantic-based asset Reference Data Libraries.

20 september 2013

We have presented our demonstration prototype for geological analytics (Russian only) at the MRG working group meeting in the National Oil and Gas Institute. This program answers user questions, formulated using WITSML standard ontology terms, offering visual representation of the results.

6 august 2013

We have developed a demonstration prototype (Russian only) of our Knowledge Extraction System.

5 august 2013

We have acheived IBM Business Partner status, which reflects our cooperation with IBM in implementation of semantic data management tools for oil&gas industry.

17 july 2013

We have released Enterprise version of Business Semantics ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). The new version differs by implementation language (Python), and the use of noSQL storage for queues. This allows our ESB to be used in high-load environment.

24 june 2013
We have presented our new product, - online ISO 15926 ontology editor, at the meeting of industrial data standartization workgroup at the National Oil and Gas Institute. Our product has to become a platform for Russian National Reference Data Library for oil and gas - RuJORD project.
3 june 2013
Our company has took part in Semantic Days - 2013, one of the most important events in the semantic technologies industry. This conference, held in Stavanger, Norway, is traditionally focused on IT interoperability in Oli&Gas sector and other industries.
6 may 2013
Data integration based on the semantic models is most actual for the large infrastructures, primarily in the industry. It was a topic of the speech of Sergey Gorshkov, Business Semantics CEO, at the "Petroleum knowledge capitalization" conference in Moscow at 29 April.
24 april 2013
Business Semantics has signed a mutual affiliate sales agreement with Cognitum, one of the most successful vendors of Controlled Natural Language tools (Ontorion semantic framework). This agreement open the way to mutual promotion of Cognitum software in Russia, and Business Semantics products in Poland and other European countries.
21 march 2013
11 march 2013
Gartner reported Semantic technologies are one of IT trends of 2013. The report emphasizes a technical and business need in wide adoption of these technologies.
5 march 2013
We're participating in CeBIT-2013, Hannover, Germany. Visit us at stand K50, 6th pavilion!

20 february 2013
We have published a set of movies showing Business Semantics setup process: creating ontology, defining access rights, mapping ontology to database structures. Get familiar with Business Semantics in ten minutes!
16 january 2013
We've received a patent priority notification for our patent application, intended to protect some know-how that we implemented in our software.
11 january 2013

Semantic integration in action!

The first project using Business Semantic Server for enterprise application integration is launched at the SverdlovElekto group.

23 november 2012

Business Semantic's CEO, Sergey Gorshkov, has reported about semantic integration technologies on ICAS-2012 congress in Moscow.

19 november 2012

We have published a demo version of our software. In this test environment, Business Semantic Server is used to connect two web-based applications - Sugar CRM and index.CRM.