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Business Semantics: new technologies for Business Data Integration and Analytics

Business Semantics is a company focused on development and implementation of Semantic-enabled Integration and Analytic software. We are solving customer's tasks using the following set of applications: ontology editorBusiness Semantics Enterprise Service BusOntorion Semantic Framework is an online ontology editor, and a Reference Data Library platform."Business Semantics" Enterprise Service Bus is an Application Integration Software.Ontorion Semantic Framework and FluentEditor are Cognitum products for Controlled Natural Language processing.


Together these products are forming a powerful solutions stack, intended for solving such tasks as:

  • Reference Data Libraries creation and maintenance (including ISO 15926-compatible) using;
  • Data extraction, transformation and transfer between relational and semantic data storages, using "Business Semantics" ESB;
  • Knowledge extraction from semantic data storages, using Ontorion, Fluent Editor and our own KES modules, for Business Analytics purposes.

Business Semantics ESB can also be used as a standalone application, for various applications and DB integration (including ISO 15926-compatible exchange). It converts all the transferred data to semantic form, which simplifies mapping, setup and maintenance of data exchange software.

How are we using Semantic Technologies
for implementing Industrial solutions?

Semantic-enabled Business Analytics offers new possibilities for business process analysis, estimating impact factors, production and exploration optimization, knowledge extraction from loosely bound data sets.
This technology allows various IT systems to exchange infotmation, even if they are having different storage structure for the same information types. Comparing to well-known integration technologies, such as SOA, MDM or ESB, semantic-based integration offers a great flexibility and ease of support.
In the complex business environments there is always a large set of application used. Business Semantics Enterprise Service Bus allows to establish synchronizing of the Reference Data between them. This requires creation of Reference Data Library, which can be built, particularly, according to ISO 15926 standard. Our online RDL management tool,, allows to manage its content using rich and human-friendly interface.
One of the applications of Semantic-enabled Analytics lays in building optimization methods for various inductrial applications. We are solving such tasks in cooperation with the leading science institutions, and IBM consultants.
Ontology models can be widely used in almost any area - from business process formalization and optimization, to the executable models implementation. Our software is intended for resolving such kind of tasks.

We are looking for parnters who might cooperate with us in promoting semantic-based integration technologies, and our product Business Semantics Server.